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Making recruitment more inclusive

When Danish entrepreneurs Armin Kavousi and Mikkel Christensen approached us with their idea for a new kind of recruitment app we were curious to hear how their concept would stack up against the existing competition.

Armin explained, “Traditional job portals are great for finding professional career opportunities, but they don't work so well for the kind of work that freelancers, students and the self-employed are looking for. We want to change that”.


Creating a new experience

Applying for a role on a traditional job portal can be a time-consuming affair, requiring applicants to create detailed profiles and fill out lengthy forms.

To settle upon a better experience, we invited Armin and Mikkel to attend a design sprint with our mobile development and user experience specialists in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Together, we sketched out a more fluid experience that would allow recruiters and jobseekers to connect without the hassle of form-filling and data profiling.


Full stack software development

Our team built iOS and Android apps in a single codebase using the popular React Native library. For everything else, including mobile APIs and web apps for recruiters and administrators, we chose the Ruby on Rails web framework.

These technologies –and a few more besides– helped us to make the very most of the startup duo's budget.

With new investment secured in 2019, Armin and Mikkel are now targeting regional expansion and a host of feature enhancements to delight their growing user base in Denmark and the Nordics.


Technologies, tools & integrations

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React Native

Mobile application developer for iOS & Android.

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Ruby on Rails

RESTful API and SaaS web application development.

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Distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine.

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The world's most advanced open source relational database.

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Amazon AWS

Market-leading cloud technology infrastructure as a service.

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Market-leading subscription payments engine

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Transactional email & cloud communications gateway.

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Behavioural analytics suite for desktop & mobile.

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Cloud based media encoding & processing service.

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Active Admin

Ruby on Rails dashboard framework.

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Market-leading agile project management suite.

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Cloud-based team wireframing & design service.

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High-fidelity user interface design tool.

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Design asset management & developer handoff.

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Team messaging, collaboration & automation app.

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App Center

Continuous app build, test, release & monitoring platform.


“Professional. Kind. Reliable.”

Luminos is not just a company— it's people. Awesome people. Coming from a non-tech background, we learned a lot about development during our collaboration.

Not only do they build your product above expectations, but they are also involved and kind in the process. They build your company with you. This is unique in the tech industry.